A letter to our new team members (we can’t wait to find out who you are…)

Gabrielle Munzer
2 min readMay 17, 2021


Come and join us!

We’re excited to bring new talent into our team at Main Sequence Ventures. We’re looking for a new principal and a new associate. Finding you is the most important thing we’re going to do this year. Here’s some stuff we’d love to learn about you…

#What do you care about deeply?

What is the impact you want to have in the world? And how can we give you the best opportunity to bring that to life? Tell us where you think we should be investing and why. It’s okay not to land things perfectly. We’re looking to understand how you think and what you care about.

#What can you teach us?

We love to learn new stuff. This is a best ideas culture and we encourage you to shake things up. We love (really love) people who challenge our thinking.

#What attracts you to the intersection of science + venture?

Let out your inner geek!

#How can we create the best experience for you?

What would ‘job nirvana’ be for you? When do you get lost in your work because it’s so engaging?

#What will you be doing with yourself if you don’t join us?

Have a think about this because if the roles we’re hiring for don’t feel like you, there’s still are a heap of different ways to collaborate with us. Our portfolio companies are hiring here, maybe you’re our next technical advisor, maybe you’ve got some even better ideas?

#If you’d like to apply…

Here are the links to the application process for our new Principal and Associate. We can’t wait to hear from you!